9 more days!

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There are 9 more days and I have raised 533.55!!! now I am 90% sure that I am going to win!! Even if I don’t win I will be glad to have helped such a good cause. Thank you very much to my grandfather who donated and thank you also to uncle Richard! Thank you to all the people who have helped me raise that much!


12 days to go!

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There are 12 more days until the fundraiser is over and I have raised $376.25!!

How many bottles and cans?

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We are adding another $82.40 which bring us to $311.65! Can you figure out how many bottles and cans that is (each one is worth 5 cents)? I was confused since it is not school and i haven’t done math in a while,but my mom helped me get it. To make it easier, see if you can figure out how many bottles and cans $300 would be.

It is over 6000 bottles and cans! (to see the answer highlight it)

Teachers bring more bottles and cans

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Today we returned $53.45 in bottles and cans which adds up to $229.25 so now I’m sure to win. Some of the money was from my wonderful teachers so thank you to Mrs. Lefler, Mrs. Waggoner, Mrs. Costello and, Mrs. Mitchell(who is my brother’s teacher). Isn’t the world so much better and smarter with teachers?

you found me(:

More Nintendo DS Cheats and Glitches


Here are some more useful cheats and strange glitches for the Nintendo DS:

Super Mario 64: if you fall from a high place, press R when you are close to the ground, and you won’t get hurt.

How to get manaphy in Pokemon Ranger: After you beat the game go to the ranger net on the main menu while holding down R,X and, left on the D-pad. Then on the ranger net menu screen, click enter password and type in P8M2-9D6F-43H7. Then select the mission “rescue the precious egg!” Once you complete that mission you will need Pokemon diamond/pearl and another DS (like a friend’s DS). On the first DS with Pokemon ranger click check the egg and then click “send the egg”. On the second DS go to the main menu and click receive egg then follow the on-screen instructions.

Pokemon diamond: 1. To get the mystery gift, go to the Jubilife City TV station on the 3rd floor. There should be a guy who wants to interview you. Respond yes then type in “everyone happy Wi-fi connection”. Then, save and turn the DS off, and you should now have mystery gift which lets you get Pokemon at DS  special events or from Pokemon Battle Revoulition for the Wii. 2. No music glitch. Once you beat the game go to turnback cave and then come out and there should be no music.

New Super Mario Bros: Press L and R at the same time and you can play as Luigi.

I hope you found these cheats useful.

Some nintendo DS cheats and glitches

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On my blog I am going to put in DS cheats because I know lots of cheats. Here are some

In the DS web browser click the URL button then type in: file://localhost/jp/startpage.html for a japanese start page.

In super mario 64 DS while going down on an elevator press x then press left or right on the control panel to see an overview like thing of the level. There are also some more cheats on the video which I will put on this post but right now I am having trouble with that.

a little more

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we just returned more bottles and cans $23.15 more which adds up to $175.8

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