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Hello everyone, I haven’t posted on my blog in years. I have been thinking about posting more stuff to it, but i have never got around to doing, so I am shutting this blog down. I have created another blog on Tumblr, so if you want to follow my blog, go to http://orangesoda2000.tumblr.com/. This wordpress blog will shut down on April 18th.



Today I took pictures of some signs of people who want to be courageous and help the environment. I also took a picture of job applications that are looking for courageous people. I also found a poem about courage:

The courage I need
I need the courage to control my instincts
The courage I need to face my fears
I need the courage to see the future
The courage I need to compare facts and opinion
I need the courage to think right
The courage I need to see if my friends trust me
I need the courage to ask questions
The courage I need to survive
I need the courage to convince myself to do something
I have to prepare myself for anything that comes up!

I did not make this poem, all credit of this poem goes to Daniel Vango.

I think that the author of this poem is right because courage is a very important thing and without it, we wouldn’t have the courage to do great things like the courage that the author had to make that poem.

Hamster gadget

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I found this awesome hamster gadget on http://abowman.com/google-modules/hamster/ you can also addit to iGoogle but if you try to do it on wordpress it won’t work. There is also penguins and fish made by the same guy. You can even name them!



The contest is over

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The bottle and can fundraiser is over and I raised $804.40!!! I am not kidding!! i really did it!!!!! and thanks again(and again) to all the people who have helped me raise that much!


bottles and cans

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The total amount for bottles and cans is $723.25!!!!!!!(X100:I knew I could reach it! Also the contest is ending very soon so if you have bottles and cans please tell us right away. )

Contest extended

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This year’s bottle and can contest has been extended for 2 weeks which means I can collect more bottles and cans. I hope I can reach $700! or maybe even more than $700!

yeah and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even more bottles and cans

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today we brought back $85.20 in bottles and cans!! There were so many that we had to use my mom’s car and my dad’s car! There was also a gift card from the manager at Dash’s which makes the total $638.75!

9 more days!

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There are 9 more days and I have raised 533.55!!! now I am 90% sure that I am going to win!! Even if I don’t win I will be glad to have helped such a good cause. Thank you very much to my grandfather who donated and thank you also to uncle Richard! Thank you to all the people who have helped me raise that much!

12 days to go!

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There are 12 more days until the fundraiser is over and I have raised $376.25!!

How many bottles and cans?

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We are adding another $82.40 which bring us to $311.65! Can you figure out how many bottles and cans that is (each one is worth 5 cents)? I was confused since it is not school and i haven’t done math in a while,but my mom helped me get it. To make it easier, see if you can figure out how many bottles and cans $300 would be.

It is over 6000 bottles and cans! (to see the answer highlight it)

Teachers bring more bottles and cans

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Today we returned $53.45 in bottles and cans which adds up to $229.25 so now I’m sure to win. Some of the money was from my wonderful teachers so thank you to Mrs. Lefler, Mrs. Waggoner, Mrs. Costello and, Mrs. Mitchell(who is my brother’s teacher). Isn’t the world so much better and smarter with teachers?

you found me(:

More Nintendo DS Cheats and Glitches


Here are some more useful cheats and strange glitches for the Nintendo DS:

Super Mario 64: if you fall from a high place, press R when you are close to the ground, and you won’t get hurt.

How to get manaphy in Pokemon Ranger: After you beat the game go to the ranger net on the main menu while holding down R,X and, left on the D-pad. Then on the ranger net menu screen, click enter password and type in P8M2-9D6F-43H7. Then select the mission “rescue the precious egg!” Once you complete that mission you will need Pokemon diamond/pearl and another DS (like a friend’s DS). On the first DS with Pokemon ranger click check the egg and then click “send the egg”. On the second DS go to the main menu and click receive egg then follow the on-screen instructions.

Pokemon diamond: 1. To get the mystery gift, go to the Jubilife City TV station on the 3rd floor. There should be a guy who wants to interview you. Respond yes then type in “everyone happy Wi-fi connection”. Then, save and turn the DS off, and you should now have mystery gift which lets you get Pokemon at DS  special events or from Pokemon Battle Revoulition for the Wii. 2. No music glitch. Once you beat the game go to turnback cave and then come out and there should be no music.

New Super Mario Bros: Press L and R at the same time and you can play as Luigi.

I hope you found these cheats useful.

Some nintendo DS cheats and glitches

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On my blog I am going to put in DS cheats because I know lots of cheats. Here are some

In the DS web browser click the URL button then type in: file://localhost/jp/startpage.html for a japanese start page.

In super mario 64 DS while going down on an elevator press x then press left or right on the control panel to see an overview like thing of the level. There are also some more cheats on the video which I will put on this post but right now I am having trouble with that.

a little more

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we just returned more bottles and cans $23.15 more which adds up to $175.8

4th of july bottles and cans

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Today we returned bottles and cans from a 4th of July party and the amount was $17.75 and my total is $152.65. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Nemeth!

more money for bottles and cans

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Today we went to Dash’s and returned bottles and cans. It was $54.50 which makes a total of $134.90.

another bottle and can fundraiser for the TSA

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This summer I am going to do another bottle and can fundraiser to help the TSA by returning empty bottles and cans to the store for money and there is a contest so whoever gets the most cans wins a PSP (a video game system). Last year the prize was a Wii (I won!!!) and this year I am trying to get more bottles than last year (over $370). so far I have made $80.40 and In the picture I am sitting with more than 1000 bottles and cans from Mr. Kahn from Seigel, Kelleher, and Kahn

Thank you Mr. Kahn!

Very strange weather

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a few days ago when I was looking out the window it was a normal day and then I saw rain and I said “that’s strange” and even stranger it was huge chunks of hail. So big that my friend’s mom’s car got dented  and if you live near here you’ll know and I posted this because that was very strange and I put a picture to show how big the hail was.


Really cool blue man group video

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 this is a really cool blue man group video called rods and cones. click here to watch

A blog for my friend

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I realized that not many people know what a blog is so yesterday my friend asked me what a blog is and I am going to teach him how to make a blog. If you want to make a blog go to wordpress.com and make a new account

A suprise blog I made for my grandfather

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Some of you reading this blog may be wondering why I haven’t written in my blog and I haven’t been writing because I made A blog for my grandfather and in it I put in his old website and soon I am going to put in some of his poetry soon. To visit his blog click here

More shortcuts …

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alt+F4=close program

F11=full screen in some programs and internet explorer 

click and drag over files in a folder to select more than one

 my laptop

about shortcuts for computers (sorry, Windows only)


Today, I realized that lots of people may not know how to use their computer fully like my grandfather know that there are shortcuts to save time so that’s why I have shortcuts and if you have a problem with your computer you can leave a comment on this post. here are some shortcuts these shorctuts work on most windows-based programs





ctrl+alt+delete=reboot/windows task manager(task manager is something that shows your programs and you can end them if they freeze or something or you can turn off your computer)

ctrl+x=cut  -a mnemonic device (to help you remember) is to think as an X being a pair of scissors

ctrl+c=copy (C stands for copy)


I hope these shortcuts help you and I will keep posting shortcuts on this post.

2 good deeds

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Today my family and I sholved the sidewalk on our entire block.It was really hard. I got really tired and I was going to go inside but instead we gave some of our neighbors cookies and we delivered Christmas cards.piplup-wii-and-blog-005.jpg

a good deed that my brother did

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today, my brother made salad for dinner for us. we also had soup and after dinner we went driving around town to look at christmas lights

A secret good deed

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Today my brother and I bought 2 secret gifts for our best friends with our own money.We’ve been trying to get them for them for a while but we couldn’t find any and we bought them at the store last night


My Meme answers

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Laura tagged me for a meme.

Here are my answers.

1. in your opinion, what does it mean to make a difference?

It means you are helping someone or making something better like picking up trash and putting it in the garbage or saving a kitty or something.

2. What is an example of a unique way to make a difference?

A unique way to make a difference would be doing a good deed for someone when they don’t even know

3. Who has made a difference in YOUR life this week?

This week my nana has made a difference by emptying the dishwasher twice for me and a lady at the store gave us quarters to buy gumballs.

4. If I didn’t have a blog, would you still be making a difference?

Of course I would still be making a difference but the longer you have your blog up the more people look at it so if you don’t have a blog less people will be encouraged.

5. What is your favorite thing about the internet?

My favorite thing about the internet would be that it can be used for many things like having fun, e-mailing and chatting, and of course blogs because they are like journals that you can use for anything.

A good deed for children’s hospital


My brother’s friend came over a few days ago and his mom mrs.king, works at children’s hospital and we asked if the hospital’s playroom needs some books for the kids to read so we gave her some of our old books to donate to the children’s hospital and we donated some books.

we donated puzzle books,kids books and, chapter books

0712190003.jpg  0712190001.jpg 0712190002.jpg

my cool pencil that I made


0712160001.jpgthis pencil is a invention that I made by putting together a flashlight,lead,2 broken pencils and,one working pencil that I just fixed.The idea I got for this was at school when I found this broken pencil and I found a flashlight so I fixed the pencil and I tried writing with the light and the pencil in my hand and then I got tape and taped it and I added the eraser because the one that is in the top part is broken,and then I added the grip thingy.you can use it for writing in the dark0712160005.jpg and it feels good.0712160002.jpg

helping the tsa

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today I have comitted to help the Tourette Syndrome Association of greater new york state by helping them mail out flyers with some of my friends we’ll be mailing out 600 or 700!!(isn’t that a lot!?)

2 good deeds

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today at BJ’S I did a good deed by behaving my best and (trying) to stop my brothers from wreaking havoc and later that day we were taking christmas pictures and I helped my mom with making them smile nicely and get them in a good position

a good deed that someone did for my brother and I

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today we were at BJ’S shopping for stuff for a very long time and when we got out we wanted gumballs but my mom didn’t have enough quarters when a nice lady offered my mom a quarter and we got gumballs:).

lots of people on christmas seem to be doing good deeds you should do one too!

(yet) another good deed

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a few days ago my brothers and I had to come to dinner and my little brothers wouldn’t come. so I came into the kitchen and I was really hungry so I helped my mom set the table and she was very pleased.

                       It feels good to do something nice for other people. don’t you think?

a good deed that my nana(grandmother) did for me

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this morning my mom said I am grounded from all video games because I didn’t fill the dishwasher. so when I came home to do the dishwer I found that the sink was empty and the dishwasher was full. so I asked my mom why the dishes were done.

mom: nana was here so I think she did it let me call her…

mom:she did the dishes for you

me: yay! and what A nice thing of nana to do! can I call her to say thank you?


and that is a good deed my nana did for me today.(nana if you are reading this thank you!!)

2 good deeds that I did today

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today I donated about 5000 grains of rice .

and I also raked up leaves and pinecones for my grandparents.

sending letters to soldiers from our classroom


today in computers our class learned about the twenty five days to make a difference page and how blogs are used. if you go to twenty five days to make a difference you’ll see that it has a classroom challenge about doing a good deed with techonology so we did a good deed by sending cards to soilders at letssaythanks.com sponsored by Xerox. When we finished our cards we went to www.freerice.com and we donated lots of rice.

a good deed that my brother did

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today my brother made a card for his friend who’s guinea pig died(how sad! 😦 )

Free Rice

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My friend told me about this cool rice game where you can donate rice depending on how many word questions you get right. And you don’t need to pay or anything! It’s just a word learning game and the more you get right the more you donate to poor people who can’t get food. http://www.freerice.com/ today (12/8/07)I donated 3500 grains of rice