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Hello everyone, I haven’t posted on my blog in years. I have been thinking about posting more stuff to it, but i have never got around to doing, so I am shutting this blog down. I have created another blog on Tumblr, so if you want to follow my blog, go to http://orangesoda2000.tumblr.com/. This wordpress blog will shut down on April 18th.



Today I took pictures of some signs of people who want to be courageous and help the environment. I also took a picture of job applications that are looking for courageous people. I also found a poem about courage:

The courage I need
I need the courage to control my instincts
The courage I need to face my fears
I need the courage to see the future
The courage I need to compare facts and opinion
I need the courage to think right
The courage I need to see if my friends trust me
I need the courage to ask questions
The courage I need to survive
I need the courage to convince myself to do something
I have to prepare myself for anything that comes up!

I did not make this poem, all credit of this poem goes to Daniel Vango.

I think that the author of this poem is right because courage is a very important thing and without it, we wouldn’t have the courage to do great things like the courage that the author had to make that poem.

Hamster gadget

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I found this awesome hamster gadget on http://abowman.com/google-modules/hamster/ you can also addit to iGoogle but if you try to do it on wordpress it won’t work. There is also penguins and fish made by the same guy. You can even name them!



The contest is over

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The bottle and can fundraiser is over and I raised $804.40!!! I am not kidding!! i really did it!!!!! and thanks again(and again) to all the people who have helped me raise that much!


bottles and cans

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The total amount for bottles and cans is $723.25!!!!!!!(X100:I knew I could reach it! Also the contest is ending very soon so if you have bottles and cans please tell us right away. )

Contest extended

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This year’s bottle and can contest has been extended for 2 weeks which means I can collect more bottles and cans. I hope I can reach $700! or maybe even more than $700!

yeah and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even more bottles and cans

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today we brought back $85.20 in bottles and cans!! There were so many that we had to use my mom’s car and my dad’s car! There was also a gift card from the manager at Dash’s which makes the total $638.75!

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